Why apply for credit via the house bank?

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Loans must be requested through the house bank

Loans must be requested through the house bank

The house bank principle has the advantage for the borrower that the bank and the borrower already know each other. There is a relationship of trust between the borrower and the house bank , which facilitates a credit decision. The Fine Bank can offer cheaper interest rates, since the loans are cheapened with state funds. This saves interest and thus money for the borrower.

A rating of the house bank by rating and creditworthiness can be positive for one company. And for other companies, negative reviews of a house bank can be detrimental. Especially if the bank adviser sees only the bad side of a company and does not include the prospects and chances of a company in the rating evaluation! Then it’s time to think about a new house bank! But this is not always easy for the self-employed, craftsmen and freelancers. Because this includes a good corporate concept to convince a new bank or bank of a planned financing with state subsidies, loans and loans.

Intrasavings bank Bank is the largest development bank in Germany

KfW Bank is the largest development bank in Germany

Intrasavings bank Bank is the largest development bank, also Lite lender company in Germany and operates nationwide. It grants subsidies and loans to the self-employed, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups. For self-employed and young companies, subsidized loans are also relevant in addition to subsidized advice. An application for funding must be made through the house bank. However, funding can also be requested from the promotional bank in the respective federal state. Furthermore, the individual funding can be combined.

How can companies apply for funding?

The way to a Intrasavings bank loan is via the house bank. Either you go directly to your house bank or you get support with our financing and funding advice. If the annual accounts, collateral and credit rating and thus the rating and economic information are good to very good, then roll out the banks of the “red carpet”. But if the conditions in your company are not so positive, then there are often difficulties with government loan financing. Then the banks and savings banks prefer to sell their own loans more expensive, or increase the current account with high conditions.

In such cases Intrasavings bank Bank recommends: “Get a neutral business consultant”. And we specialize in helping you in difficult times with a loan, financing or debt restructuring. There are many financing options. From a corporate concept to a new house bank or alternative financing options without a house bank!

The exceptions to the house bank principle

Under normal circumstances, state funds from the Lite lender company must be applied for via a so-called house bank before the start of a measure. But there are also many exceptions:

  • Grants can sometimes be requested without a house bank
  • For self-employed companies, there are many alternative financing options without a house bank

The exception to the principle of a house bank is the granting of subsidies. Grants can be requested directly from the Lite lender company and are also paid directly to applicants. Public borrowers such as municipalities and cities are also served directly. In order to use subsidies, the Fine Bank cooperates with local banks. For certain promotional products, the major bank takes up to 80% of the credit risk.

Disadvantages of the house bank principle

Disadvantages of the house bank principle

When a loan is requested by an entrepreneur, it is advised by its principal bank. And every bank is of course geared towards maximizing profits. Therefore, each bank will first try to offer their own loans instead of applying for funding through the promotional bank! Because the house bank receives only a smaller margin from a financing through the Fine Bank.

Many entrepreneurs are thus in a so-called ” banking trap “! Because most entrepreneurs, self-employed, craftsmen or freelancers rely on their house bank. But at least now you are informed about it and can be advised by a credit counseling neutral and independent. After all, business consultancies receive 50% to 80% support from Good lender.

What are Fine Bank subsidies?

The promotional bank supports small and medium-sized enterprises up to a turnover of 50 million USD or a maximum of 250 employees with low-cost loans and a release from liability for start-up credit start-up and entrepreneurial loans for small and medium-sized enterprises. This facilitates the credit rating of the house bank. In many cases, this will only enable financing for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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