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Where the German State Funding or the secondary activity is no longer sufficient, my experience with the student loan can help. However, a personal bankruptcy does not grant credit. Especially if you have little experience in financial matters, it is helpful to consult your parents or an independent counseling center such as the Studentenwerk. Meanwhile, there are a few other offers from private banks, some of which have since withdrawn. The popular Intrasavings bank loan received a point deduction in the cost area, as interest rates were not quite favorable.

Student Loans Credit Problems

Student Loans Credit Problems

“With a Intrasavings bank loan, only the interest payments are secured, but there is no job guarantee.” More than 90 percent of students opt for two public providers: First, the Intrasavings bank student loan, which pays up to 650 USD per month. With the education loan of the Federal Office for and with a maximum of 7200 USD, people in higher semester rather than in a restaurant should be allowed to study.

Credit institutions and savings banks as well as student services provide loans. Investors are buying shares of funds that will then support selected students. The student in the Federal Republic takes up a bond business. According to the Studentenwerk, the students’ income usually comes from mixed financing. Slightly more than every third person receives a free refinancing, every fifth person a savings potential.

Over 85% of the students receive scholarships from her. Especially with dropouts, a loan can quickly lead to problems. The analyst of the Center for University Development (CHE), who analyzed 31 loans, warns: “Some providers want to take the capital right away. Anyone who does not know whether he completes his studies, for whom the credit is the right choice. “

You are studying for a job with which you want to pay off the loan. “If possible,” says the CHE researcher, “you should avoid a student loan.” Loans are not fundamentally bad, many people can only end their lives with the help of a loan, he emphasizes. But not every one is suitable for every student.

Loan can quickly lead to problems

Loan can quickly lead to problems

So you should never take out a student loan just to be able to treat yourself more. Before signing the contract, you should check whether you can receive a scholarship abroad or whether you are entitled to study in Germany. 

However, he only has to repay these in small installments five years after the end of his studies – up to a maximum of USD 10,000. Who can not get it? In the view of the reviewers, this should not finance the entire study program on time. The child benefit is up to the age of 25 years, you can get a job, you may be able to contact a parent or grandparents.

If this is not possible without credit,advises the Intrasavings bank loan because it is variable in the repayment phase. The lowest price is only 20 USD, but is coordinated between the student and the development bank. This has the disadvantage that even larger amounts can be repaid – this saves time. Even if the student cancels his studies, he enters a waiting period in which nothing is refunded.

Anyone who does not have a job after that can go for a shift by opting for ALG 2. “For a maximum of 24 months you should then agree on partial amounts, because the interest continues to run recommends restraint on school fees and describes the case of a cancellation, which had to repay the grant within a short time.

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